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Personalized Mantra

You are loved. You are worthy. You are peace. You are enough.

Whether I already know you from a local class, we’re long-time friends, I met you at a music fest or you just happened upon my website, welcome to the Personalized Mantras page! I’m so excited that you are checking out the unique mantra experiences I have to offer.

So, let’s talk mantras! What exactly is a mantra? Well, for me, a mantra is a positive affirmation or saying that I repeat over and over to help me with meditation, relaxation, and even manifestation. (Who doesn’t want to manifest stuff, right?) I like to think of a mantra as a “vehicle” of sound that helps raise the vibration to bring to you what it is you desire. Mantras can simply be spoken, or you can add a melody and sing them. That’s what I love to do! There are many traditions that have beautiful, sometimes complicated, words strung together to create powerful mantras used for many different intentions. What I do is take the unique approach of singing people’s names within the mantra. Now, imagine hearing your own name with that intention you are setting. Are you with me? Good! Let’s move on to what it is that I am creating for you.

~ The Sweetest Sound - Your Name In Song ~

  • The Sweetest Sound logo pcThis track will include YOUR name sung by me, Angela,
  • It will also have an intention or a specific healing energy set to it (as requested by you),
  • In addition, it will include your choice of any of my healing musical instrument(s),


  • It will be Mixed and Mastered by a Professional Sound Engineer!

Now that is one heck of a track! Your very own mixed and mastered, personalized mantra; The Sweetest Sound - Your Name in Song.  

Listen to your personalized mantra anytime of the day or night and please sing along.  Allow the vibrations of sound to move stuck energy and transmute it into healing energy. Let my voice help you find power in your own voice.  I believe through your own voice you can find what you are looking for.

Peace.  Strength.  Love. Worthiness.  Many intentions under one simple tool, SOUND.  

Maybe you are even thinking of someone else right now that would enjoy this opportunity; to have a professionally mixed and mastered mp3 that they can play on repeat as part of their daily routine.  

Click below to answer a few questions and order The Sweetest Sound - Your Name in Song and I will get started on this fun creative process.

In Kindness,  


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